Friends, Collaborators and Collectives

Sixty Inches From Center – SIFC documents and engages the visual arts in Chicago. Under the leadership of Tempestt Hazel, they seek to highlight artists and events that exist outside the mainstream cultural institutions in Chicago. We joined the cause in 2013 to shed some light on the burbs.

Diverse Voices in Docs – DVID is a fellowship of midwestern documentary filmmakers of color that came together under a partnership between Kartemquin Films and Community Film Workshop of Chicago. Mario was in the inaugural class in 2013.

People Made Visible – Anni Holm and Sara Phalen joined forces in 2009 to fulfill the artistic, social, educational and cultural needs of the community through an innovative physical and web-based presence. They’ve been very supportive through the inception of The CG Project and our first collaboration, The Keeper’s Garden, will enter our second year in 2012.

Abryant Gallery – Angela Bryant represents Diana’s work and hires Mario to shoot mini-docs for art openings at O’Connor Gallery and Design Cloud. She’s a force to be reckoned with as an artist and curator. We’re glad she’s on our team.

Morton College – Diana curates bi-monthly shows at this community college in Cicero, IL. These are some of the artists that have exhibited there: Joe LoPresti, Dustin Creech, Robert Brunier, Brian Selke, Lauren Turk, Jennifer Ray, Jason Reblando, Angela Bryant.

Nuestra Voz – Yesenia Sanchez and Arriana Salgado are only two of many activists with this community organization that encourages high school students to pursue a higher education and become active members of this society.

Fattened Paradise – Fielden Nelson is a filmmaker, author and a descendent of vikings and pirates. He mentored Mario through his time at Colombia College Chicago before migrating to Los Angeles and returning again.

Mimi’s Garden – Amy Fowler bakes homemade dog treats and sells them online and at select retail locations, including Season Produce in South Barrington. She’s a past coworker of Diana’s, an avid gardener and protector of the bees.

Viva Documentary – Many of the skills that lead to The CG Project came from Mario’s experience with this student organization at Columbia College Chicago. Here are some members and alumns that have been mentioned on the site: Suree Towfighnia, Margaret Ratliff, Arlen Parsa, Tristan Steinfeld Hanson, Wonjung Bae, Mary Horan, Mitch Wenkus, Naomi Kothbauer, Orion Pahl.

The Patio Gardeners – Arlen Parsa and Tiffany Wilson started this video diary about their container garden in Chiacgo. They inspired us to make videos of our own gardens in order to expand the base of knowledge about growing food.

Groundswell Educational Films – Jeff Spitz is the head of Groundswell and my first faculty advisor at Columbia. He’s one of the pesky doc makers that insists that their films have a positive impact on the subjects as well as the audience. I’m very much looking forward to Groundswell’s upcoming doc, Food Patriots. Viva Doc alumni Arlen Parsa and Mitch Wenkus have been helping Jeff with the project.


One thought on “Friends, Collaborators and Collectives

    martinmrochaart said:
    November 17, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    A very impressive page. I love the abstract art, it is very eye catching. Looking forward of seeing more. Click on my page if you would like.

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