Shameless Promotin’. Day 2

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For the last couple of weeks most artists, including both of us from Team CG, have been participating in the Art Exchange Game. Post 3 pieces everyday, for 5 days and nominate 3-5 (depending on the person who nominated you) other artists to do the same. The rules are muddy but the intent is clear: to give artists the space to promote themselves shamelessly, expand our networks and see what everyone’s up to. The byproduct of this experiment is an undeniable demonstration of talent to proves there’s not short supply here. Anyone with a platform for artwork should feel like a kid in a candy store right now.

Thank you to Kelly Riker for the nomination. Good luck to Amy Babinec, Anni Holm, Angela Bryant, Lauren Turk and Todd Reed. We’re looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.

Thanks to the Andrea Ferrigno who curated the show at Knox College and Cecilia Vargas who curated the one at Waubonsee. Check out this article from Ally Byerly of The Knox College Student paper about the show and this one about a protest held right in front of the piece.

Diana Gabriel

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 2.35.00 PM

Day 2. Piece 1. Blanket @ Knox College



Day 2. Piece 2. Intersecting Triangles @Arrowhead Room at Waubonsee Community College



Kelly Riker

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 2.48.19 PM


  Amy Babinec

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 2.47.42 PM




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