Art at Morton college. Nathan Verneu

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always an exit, never an entrance (HQ)
Nathan Vernau was born in 1981 in the great state of Wisconsin. He earned his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2005. After earning his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009, he moved to Chicago. His work has been reviewed by,, and The Chicago Tribune, as well as featured in The Madison Review, New American Paintings, Studio Visit Magazine, and MISC Magazine. He has exhibited work at the Project Lodge, Overture Center for the Arts, Wisconsin Union Galleries, and the Common Wealth Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin. In Chicago he has shown at The Milk Factory, OhNo!Doom Gallery, Offwhite, Robert Bills Contemporary, and the Comfort Station.

There are quite a few symbols I have been using repeatedly for the last few years. Among them: cinder blocks, letters (envelopes), balloons, picture frames, and hearts. I don’t like to define too much what these objects mean to me, because in many cases people can figure that out for themselves. While they may have a specific personal meaning, that information is not readily available to the viewer. However, the viewer reacts to these objects and what they convey to him or her, and the manner in which they are composed provide further reactions to what those symbols might mean.
These drawings are made in response and reflection to my own emotions and experiences. I want to tell people about them, and I choose to do that in images. I could reveal the ugly truth about something and take the mystery out of it, but by doing that I would take away the opportunity for the viewer to relate my artwork to their own experiences. Giving away the story would be too easy – and in some cases, embarrassing. Why give one ‘answer’ when there’s room for interpretation? Do you want to be told what something ‘is,’ or would you rather figure it out yourself?
-Nathan Vernau, 2014

Nathan’s Work will be on display  9-22 through 11- 1 at Morton College from. Building C,  Second floor across from the Student Union.

Curated by Diana Gabriel.

Morton College. 3801 S Central Ave  Cicero, IL 60804


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