Dual World: Red Carpet

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DualWorld019.Red Carpet

Dual World comes from W.E.B. DuBois’ concept of Double Consciousness. The title of the series is a play on the gaming term, dual wielding, for fighting with a weapon in each hand. The double exposure photos were made in-camera by shooting twice before advancing the film.

I shot Red Carpet last autumn and I thought it would be a nice escape from the unrelenting winter we’ve had this year. It also felt right because this is the first time I enjoyed the Academy Awards in a few years. I shot the first exposure while stopping for Osito’s food in Rolling Meadows, IL. The burning bushes were loosing their leaves, making a ring of fire around a parking lot near Algonquin and Golf Roads. I took the shot sideways to give it the feeling of a path. I took the second exposure during golden hour at Harper College in Palatine, IL. It was my first indoor shot in this series. After development, I liked that the leaves feel plush and vibrant. I also liked that the golden leaves on the ground make a decibel meter along the right side of the frame.

I get my color film developed at CSW Film Systems; the best kept secret in town.

One last thing, I was inspired to post a photo today because Adora Wilson-Eye found this awesome series of photos by Vivian Maier. It’s amazing work, you should check it out!


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