Dual World: Waubonsee Selfie

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DualWorld018.Waubonsee Selfie

Dual World comes from W.E.B. DuBois’ concept of Double Consciousness. The title of the series is a play on the gaming term, dual wielding, for fighting with a weapon in each hand. The double exposure photos were made in-camera by shooting twice before advancing the film.

I shot Waubonee Selfie while going on a food run during the installation of Diana’s solo show at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL. I shot the first exposure in the window of an empty storefront. The shadows and door-frame made an interesting intersection of black in the frame. I took the second exposure to fill the space in the frame with the creepy shadows that fall in a brick wall on campus during golden hour. After development, I felt as though the tree and shadows act like a set of antlers or tentacles for a beast that grows out of me.

By the way, I get my color film developed at CSW Film Systems; the best kept secret in town.


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