Under the Table

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Chicago Confluence is up for another month at the Willis Tower. This is a time lapse video that we shot while building Under the Table, a 10’x13′ sculpture. The first half of the video took place at the Harper College Woodshop in early January and installation ended on January 20, 2013

Matthew King composed the original song featured in this video. He performed it with Doug Shumway and Ryan Martin.


4 thoughts on “Under the Table

    […] that reminded us of Diana’s Maritima. This time, just a few weeks after posting the video for Under the Table, we few found another example of collective unconscious from Gabriel Dawe, who released this video […]

    […] track for this video is an earlier draft of the one Matthew King composed for Under the Table. The spontaneity of his performance mirrors Diana’s process in making this piece. Coming off a […]

    […] took this photo during the installation of Diana’s sculpture, Under the Table. We de-installed the piece this past weekend so I thought the photo would fit for the week… […]

    […] year are Mario’s review of Othello: The Remix at Chicago Shakes, the installation video for Diana’s Under the Table, with original music by Matthew King and A Gust of Chicago Tradition is something Mario wrote about […]

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