Thank Yous

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This is Mario’s favorite round of thank yous for people who helped Diana with the Under the Table Kickstarter Campaign! We were rolling out ink for the commemorative prints that we’re giving out as rewards and thought it would be a good time to give a shout out to some good friends via our old stomping ground, the Harper College Print Shop.

Lorna Filippini is a painter and textile conservator at The Art Institute of Chicago that Diana met by curating Art at Morton College. She showed a beautiful series of paintings based on photographs of rooftops in Indian slums from a trip the previous year. Nathaniel Schurter is a documentary filmmaker and classmate of Mario’s at Southern Illinois University, they collaborated on a documentary a few years ago called Rumblings of Imminence, about the New Madrid Faultline.

Matthew King is an old friend of Mario’s, going all the way back to Fremd High School. They reconnected recently and have been collaborating from across the country ever since. Matthew provided the original score for Familia Bom Brill and composed a piece called Velvet Wave to accompany Maritima last year. Thavary Krouch screened her film, Black Ink on Rice Paper at On the Mend! She’s also recently signed on as producer for Mario’s next documentary, My Father’s Knee… Btw, Diana wasn’t supposed to pronounce the H in Thavary’s name but I liked this take too much to let her do another one.

Remember that Diana has an opening tonight at Design Cloud, near Randolph and Peoria! Hope to see you there!


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