Thank You, Thank You

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Diana’s latest sculpture was made possible by a great group of Artists, Friends and Family that we refer to as La Buena Espalda. This opportunity came out of the blue and many of you supported us through Our Crowdfunding Campaign and by coming out to help in person. There are still 4 Days Left to contribute, like the folks that we thank in this next video

Rita Grendze is one of four artists from Constructions and Apparitions in Bridgeport. Her eclectic sculptures are always a treat and she’s also very kind. Speaking of kind people, Rob and Donna Fifield have always been extremely kind, from the countless times that they let Diana crash on their couch to the show that Rob put her in at the Bloomington Arts Center, they’ve always been supportive of Diana’s work. She’s been blessed with great friends.

This batch of supporters was extra special because it contains Diana’s Mami, Maria Victoria Echavarria. She did two takes and got choked up in both. Another awesome Momma in this video is Betty Hill, Mother to Sara Hill and Naomi/Dimitri Moore. They are a great family and also very supportive of Diana’s work.

The foundation of Diana’s support comes from Harper College though. Sam Rosby’s been an art guru there throughout Diana’s education and early career. Another product of Harper College and a dear, old friend, is Greg Beise. Greg’s been livin’ the life out in New York for some time now but he makes sure to keep an eye on what’s going on back home.


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