The Cinematic Garden: Harvest

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It’s been a while since our last garden video. One thing about growing veggies is that you spend half the Summer waiting for something to happen and suddenly you’re surrounded by food that you have to find something to do with. All the cooking and canning take time away from making videos so I hope you’ll forgive me that I’ve been sitting on this footage since August.

In Episode 5, we harvest potatoes, beets and tomatoes. The variety of tomato that was featured in this episode was originally called Black Mariano because the seeds came from a from a new supermarket chain that’s been springing up throughout Chicago. It was a dark, purple tomato with dark green stripes and spots. The tomatoes that come out are much lighter than what we expected, one was light green with a touch of pink, so I’ve decided to rename it.

I recently started reading The Chicanos, an alternative history book that was written decades before I was born. One of the early figures in the book was El Indio Mariano, who lead an indigenous rebellion against the Spanish. I see gardening as a form of rebellion so our first heirloom is named after him.

Also, I hope you’ll take some time to visit our first sponsor, Mimi’s Garden.


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