Merit Award for T-Bone Reed

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The opening for the Evanston Bienniel was a few weeks ago. It’s always nice to see your work in a larger context and it was a huge bonus that Diana’s pieces were chosen by Sharon Stratton, Founder and Creative Director of Three Walls.

Some of our buddies and people who have exhibited at Morton College and Best Friends Gallery in Arlington Heights were among the artists. Matt Irie’s solo show at Ebers-Moore was one of the first posts by The CG Project and his piece is a neighbor of Diana’s Interruption. Both benefit greatly from being seen in person because of the texture that results from a layered application of paint. The high placement of Diana’s painting gave the audience a great vantage point to see the depth of the work.

The most exciting news of the day came when Todd Reed, one of our bestest friends, earned the Juror’s Merit Award. Todd and Diana went to grad school together at Illinois State. His work is cut out of steel and painted with automobile paint to give the pieces a slick, smooth and flawless feel. His pieces hung in a spiral staircase beside an encrypted wallpaper installation by Tom Burtonwood, owner of What It Is Gallery and winner of the juror’s prize.

What I enjoyed most about Todd’s pieces was the way they took on the character of the room. I’d seen them in his studio and his living room but the Evanston’s plush foliage brought a new element to his work.


One thought on “Merit Award for T-Bone Reed

    […] Merit Award for T-Bone Reed – Sept. 2 – Inspired by the adage “Success is fleeting, failure lasts forever,” we want to gives artists a way to preserve victories so that they become more than just a line on a resume and trophy on the shelf. It warms my heart that this announcement of Todd Reed’s Merit Award from Evanston Arts Center is our third most popular post of the year. […]

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