Zombies Welcome

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Anyone with an interest in acting, indie film, weapons or the Zombie Apocolypse needs to get out to Gary, Indiana this weekend for a zombie call for Heaven is Hell, a feature film by Chris Sato!

This Saturday and Sunday! Gary Screw and Bolt Factory
901 Alabama St.
Gary, IN
CALL TIMES: 8:30AM on Saturday, 9AM on Sunday

I first met Chris at Southern Illinois University where he produced a sketch comedy show called Live on Tape Delay. He, and a happy-go-lucky bunch of misfits, made some of the coolest videos on campus at the time. My favorite was Me and a Wall.

These days, Sato and some more serious shooters, actors and stunt people are making his first feature film. For those unfamiliar with the process, making an independent feature film takes a different kind of dedication than most of us are used to mustering. When people talk about putting your soul into a project, it’s because it drains all your time, money, brainpower, patience, pride and confidence. Everything you have and are goes into the film, including any favors or social capital that you may have accumulated over the years.

I wish that I’d been able to help more since they began working on the project in December or 2010 but I didn’t make it out to set until November of last year. There was an eclectic group zombies and soldiers to talk to between takes and there was always something fun to watch, whether it was zombies getting their make-up and costumes done or the run down building they were shooting in.

My favorite part of the day was watching Kevin Crispin rehearse for an action scene they planned to shoot at dusk. I recognized Kevin from shows that I watched at the McLoed Theatre at Southern Illinois University. In this film he plays the role of David in Sato’s interpretation of David and Goliath. This video shows some of Kevin’s choreography and a take with him shooting an AK-47.

The overall highlight of day was that they set a zombie on fire. Sadly, I didn’t get to see it because I was getting beat up by a zombie in the background. I was also got to charge into battle during a larger scene that lead to Christopher Marcum screaming and throwing grenades. Pictures of me made it onto the HIH Facebook page but I won’t know if I made it into the film for some time. Regardless, I’ll know I was there and my unique perspective will give me a greater appreciation of the scenes that I witnessed. I’ll also know that I was a part of someone’s dream project. Both are reasons enough to make the drive out to Gary. This may be your last chance.


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    Happy New Baktun! | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    December 21, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    […] I was knee-deep in gardening, this year we started a video series called The Cinematic Gargen after being inspired by farmers and chefs at The Good Food Conference. I also spent a day as a background actor for Chris Sato’s zombie film called Heaven is Hell. […]

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