The Cinematic Garden: The Comeback

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We’re still crawling out of our Drop Off from an insanely productive May so we’ve struggled to make the next installment of The Cinematic Garden. As a matter of fact, we’ve struggle in gardening period. You also won’t find the title in this episode because it remained Untitled until I had to choose a title for this post. I went with The Comeback because it’s been a month since the last video and things were looking pretty grim. We lost a lot of plants last month for a variety of reasons. We also started several videos that I trashed because there was little news worth sharing.

We installed much of the garden last week and finally got our plots to a place that was worth talking about. There’s a lot of Osito in this video and Diana makes her first appearance on The CineGarden. She also shows you a gardening shirt that I got off a clearance rack last week.

Some of the things that we cut from the video are The Original Garden, previously The Oval Garden, which has tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, jalapeno and our purple asparagus. The footage from the tomato bed at The Mumford Garden also didn’t make the cut… I’m starting to think that I was too embarrassed to show the tomatoes. I promise to show them next time. Our blackberries also went through some pleasant changes that we’ll share in Episode 4.

One last thing. Fans of our older garden videos may recognize Osito’s friend, Charlie Robinson, from this video. I shot some footage of Charlie Howling at the monthly tornado siren tests and his human really wants it to go viral. 80 views in 4 days makes it our most popular video.

Give it a watch. He’s got talent.


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