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Here is the finished version of the installation video for Maritima at The Bridgeport Arts Center. A dear, old friend of Mario’s, Matthew King, composed and performed a song for this video called, Velvet Wave. The marvels of social media brought Matt and Mario back together after more than a decade of creative exploration by both parties. In high school, Mario took pictures, doodled and shot video aimlessly while Matt and The Crazy Lounge Lizards packed Regina’s Coffee Shop for live acoustic shows on a weekly basis. After all this time, this is their first collaboration.

We shared Diana’s inspiration for the piece with Matthew and he was able to make that story into what he calls a musical journey. Using a vivid image in his own mind, King aims to draw you into a dreamscape of your own making, allowing the listener to experience his emotions through their own memories and experiences. His intricate playing style lent itself beautifully to our time-lapse footage and brought out the chaos, uncertainty and fear in Diana’s own creative process.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Maritima at The Bridgeport Arts Center: Mario and Graciela Contreras, Sandy Beauchamp, April Mac, Dan Estep, Daniel Olsen, Greg Wisneth.

Special Thanks:

Todd Reed: Todd went to graduate school with Diana at Illinois State and recently laid some roots down in the Chicagoland area. He lent us a ladder and a few hours of his time. He’s a great friend and he’ll be the grillmaster for Diana’s next show at The Treehouse Gallery.

Adora Wilson-Eye: Diana and Adora met at the Doc Luck that happened last month at CTVN. They hit it off like gang-busters and have already begun collaborating on Adora’s latest venture, The Big Idea Science Show, a web series that uses mixed media to explore scientific variations on a theme.

Amy Fowler: Amy wins the prize for longest distance traveled to support a friend. Please help us return the favor by checking out her website, Mimi’s Garden, when you need garden supplies or dog treats. Osito loves the dried sweet potatoes!


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