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I read or heard something about productivity about a year ago, probably from NPR, that said that exceeding your average level of productivity for an extended period will eventually lead to a drop off, or period of decreased productivity. Maritima taught us this lesson the hard way. This last video shows our mad dash to finishing the installation in time for the opening.

Diana made the piece to capture a feeling from her youth when nature engulfed and overwhelmed her. It’s fitting that there came a moment in the installation of Maritima where the task at hand was overwhelming and the end was nowhere in sight. In the end, we pulled a 15 hour marathon, featured in the video above, to complete the installation at 4:30 AM on May 4, 2012.

Since then, time has sailed by and we’ve struggled to do anything productive. We keep appointments and answer emails but there’s never enough time to catch up on rest. Diana’s yoga practice has suffered, our gardening ventures are slightly delayed and it took me a week to string 3 shots together and put them on Youtube. We are knee-deep in the period of decreased productivity. This post is just one step out of the rut.

This is what it feels like:


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