Starting a New Year

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Yesterday marked the beginning of our second year of The CG Project. We’re starting off strong this year with Diana’s largest site-specific installation, Mario’s graduation from Columbia College and Osito’s and Kylie’s birthdays all happening this weekend. A lot of great things are happening for us and we hope that you’ll join us in celebrating this Saturday, May 5 at 7pm at the Bridgeport Arts Center for The Opening of Apparitions and Constructions.

As we move forward, we’ll try to build on our 5 most viewed posts:

  • Against All Odds – Nov. 17 – This family documentary was a collaboration between my sister, Luza Tatgenhorst and I. It’s about the struggles that my other sister, Grace Kozlowski, fought through to bring her daughter home from the hospital.
  • Geometrically Speaking II – Nov. 14 – Angela Bryant curated this show, which featured work that helped Diana rediscover painting.
  • Columbia College Chicago Thesis Screening – Nov. 23 – This was the announcement for my thesis screening that lead to my graduation. I’ve already received my diploma and I’ll walk this Sunday.
  • Cinematic Garden: Transplant – Mar. 3 – This is the debut of our new gardening series. The second episode only received one view so far but we’ll get better.
  • What a Difference a Year Makes – May 27 – This early article celebrated Kylie Ann Kozlowski’s first year. It was an emotional year for the family.

Honorable mentions include: The Patio Gardeners Are Back, about a web series by Arlen Parsa and Tiffany Wilson; Madness and Art in The World of Z, Mario’s first film review about a feature doc by Brad Besser; and Diana Drinks the Kool-Aid, about our trip to Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “Starting a New Year

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