The Patio Gardeners are back!

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Arlen Parsa and Tiffany Wilson recently kicked off their third season of The Patio Gardeners, a web series that chronicles the growing antics of a young couple living somewhere in Chicago. We’d responded to their videos with our own for the past two seasons before launching The Cinematic Garden this year. We’re also stealing a technique that they tested out last summer for our 2012 gardens.

Keeping up with all of our gardens becomes a challenge as the season wears on. This year, with spiking gas prices, we’ll need to find a way to minimize the trips that we take to The Keeper’s Garden in West Chicago. Luckily, Drip Water Irrigation could save us a bunch of trips. Instead of asking people to go out and water for us multiple times a week, we’ll be able to change the bottles out at a more leisurely pace. We’ve seen impressive results from those that have used it and are looking forward to trying it for ourselves.

I’m sure that Arlen and Tiffany will come up with a few more tricks this Spring and Summer. They put out this fun, little preview out last week where they gave a shout out to our own garden show. Hooray for audience cross-pollination!

We got to catch up with The Patio Gardeners at the Doc Luck 2012 gathering last night and we gave them a few strawberry shoots from our berry garden to get them back on track. Arlen also shared his new venture, The Asset Garage, with us. It’s an online resource for anyone seeking free images, footage and music for creative projects. The site directs you to a collection of sources for free material and invites you to submit resources for others to use. It’s great for doc makers, artists, anyone.


5 thoughts on “The Patio Gardeners are back!

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