Homemade Holidays

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We took a major step into adulthood this holiday season. After years of procrastinating and not having addresses, we finally sent out Christmas cards. With this whole “War on Christmas” thing going on this year, we thought it would be fun to showcase Osito’s paganism with a picture of him howling at the Solstice moon. Give us your address if you want one of the Osito prints.

Happy Howlidays Card 2011

For us, the real story of this holiday season is that of a return to the core values of Christmas, and probably other holidays. Winter is a season of scarcity and sharing makes harsh times easier to handle. We’re all dealing with some sort of scarcity or austerity this year and it’s a relief to be able to collectively understand the level of sacrifice that it takes to give this season.

It’s hard to disagree that this new found appreciation had been missing for some time. Another change of us this year is that we had to step up to the annual tamale making. For the last few years we had been receiving a couple dozen and having them on Christmas eve but this year we decided to make Tamales the staple of our the season.

Abuelita's Salsa de Casa

The convenience of store-bought foods had taken us away from this tradition in recent years but our limited budget made a homemade Christmas dinner much easier this time around. We made over 200 tamales for the family to eat and stash away for the winter.

This year The CG Project made the special contribution of making our homemade salsa, it’s a modified version of my Grandma Aurora’s recipe. Diana also made to a couple dozen tamales with a Colombian twist, using Pollo Sudado for one kind and bocadillo con queso for another. Both were wrapped with little bows to set them apart from the rest. The bocadillo con queso tamales worked as temporary cure for Diana’s homesickness because they made her think about food from the Colombian countryside.

Our humble, homemade holidays really brought us closer together this year without having to risk life and limb on Black Friday or fight through traffic and walk across freezing parking lots to shop at crowded stores. I hope this lesson stays with us for the coming year and we keep finding ways to keep our hard-earned money here by making things ourselves.

Diana's Col-Mex Tamales

2 thoughts on “Homemade Holidays

    Linda Emmmerman-Kornick said:
    December 27, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    I just received your holiday card and I think its wonderful. So cute and personal, it’ll be the only one I keep this season. All the best to you both in the new year.

    lori n said:
    December 27, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Well my homemade Osito transfer I sent you totally fit your theme! I’m so proud to be friends with you two. So inspiring! Hugs from Texas!

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