Documentary: Against All Odds

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My older sister, Luza, went in front of the firing squad for the first time this week when she presented a short doc to her class at DePaul. I’ve always said that watching your film with an audience for the first time is a difficult experience and I think that you truly become a filmmaker when you are willing to let an audience watch your work and ask questions about it. I couldn’t be in the room with her but knowing that she put this story out there makes me very proud.

This film is a continuation of Kylie Two Weeks. At the beginning of Fall 2011, Luza told me that she needed to make a doc for a class and she wanted some help with the technical side of things. We agreed to a clear division of labor; she did all the scheduling, releases and talking while I’d focus on shooting. During the editing process, Luza sat in the room telling me what she wanted and locating archive material from the hundreds of photos that we had from Kylie’s first year.

The experience of working with my sisters to tell this story was very rewarding and unifying for the three of us. Grace had been wanting to chronicle her experiences in bringing Kylie home but there is never time for her to stop to gather her thoughts while still doing what she can to give Kylie a fighting chance. The fact that she was willing to share so much with us was a privilege because it was one of those rare moments when the subject of a doc gets as much out of a project as the filmmakers do.  When she was finished there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a great moment.

PS. November 17 is both Mario’s birthday and National Prematurity Day. Thanks for celebrating with us.


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