Documentary: Rumblings of Imminence

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I met Nathaniel Schurter in Production 1 at Southern Illinois University. We came from very different backgrounds but found enough in common to have collaborated numerous times since. He was there to shoot my wedding, he was there when I directed my only narrative film and we’ve developed together as artists and filmmakers since graduation.

Back in 2005, Nathaniel convinced me to take a drive down to New Madrid, Missouri to shoot a film about a huge fault line that’s been dormant for around 100 years. His interest in the seismic zone was sparked during an exercise in Production 2 when he shot some footage of Reelfoot Lake, a swamp-like body of water that was created during the earthquakes of 1811-1812. Finding evidence of the earthquakes becomes more difficult with each passing year but our biggest challenge that we had was to shoot something that hasn’t happened yet and may not happen again in our lifetimes.

Financed through retail jobs, wedding videos Nathaniel followed the project through completion in 2009 when it screened at the Big Muddy Film Festival. Nathaniel then navigated through the process of acquiring Errors and Omissions coverage and finding a distributor. This year, 6 years of hard work and patience paid off when Rumblings of Imminence: The New Madrid Seismic Zone aired for the first time in central Illinois over Memorial Day weekend. The film will also air on PBS stations around the country.

I hope that you’ll consider rewarding Nathaniel for all his hard work and persistence by purchasing a copy of Rumblings. It would certainly help him start his next project


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    Thank Yous | thecontrerasgabrielproject said:
    March 15, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    […] Schurter is a documentary filmmaker and classmate of Mario’s at Southern Illinois University, they collaborated on a documentary a few years ago called Rumblings of Imminence, about the New Madrid […]

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