You have to start somewhere.

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I figure the first post to this project should be an explanation of how it came about. My wife and I have been working artists for a few years now and, while our views differ widely on questions of what makes a body of work interesting or what we find aesthetically pleasing, we agree that the creative pursuit is a positive life choice and that art has the potential to teach us each something about ourselves through the point of view of another.

Amongst the budget battles of 2011, with long-standing pillars of the art community being targeted for massive cuts, Diana and I had a series of conversations about what our careers would look like if NEA grants aren’t a possibility for her work and I could never have a doc play on PBS. Scarier than that thought, what about all the grants, residencies, and exhibition opportunities that rely on the NEA, NEH, PBS and NPR to survive? What if they were all to collapse, cut back or accept more aggressive sponsorships?

We hope that you’ll join us in our vision of a society where Art remains both appreciated and accessible. We value art for the thought, craft and perseverance that it demands above everything else. We appreciate artists that aren’t afraid to let their art overtake their lives but still find ways to function in our world while creating work that challenges the audience.

We love audiences that understand the courage that it takes to put yourself on display for the world to critique and will reciprocate that courage by paying attention, allowing our ideas to mingle with yours and more importantly, to take the brave step of spreading the word about good work when you see it.

Thank you,

Mario C


One thought on “You have to start somewhere.

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    April 30, 2012 at 9:17 am

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